ETIM-Mapper is a web application conceived to support the product classification according to the ETIM standard. It has several mechanisms to facilitate the classification tasks (eg. the mechanism of suggestions) that require deliberate approval of the user. Approved elements can be the basis for automatic classification/mapping for other products.

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Product classification in ETIM-Mapper

ETIM-Mapper allows you to assign each product to the appropriate ETIM class. It can be done on the base of the knowledge of the person performing the classification. However, it is extremely difficult, as it requires full knowledge of the product and the good knowledge of all classes of ETIM. In practice, classification is performed most often based on the file containing the list of products of the company. These files usually contain values of some basic parameters that must be assigned to the appropriate parameters required by the ETIM standard.

The ETIM-Mapper application allows us to reuse the imported information about products by mapping or transforming it into a format compatible with the ETIM. The imported information can be completed by additional data entered by the user. It is also possible to enter specific parameters of the manufacturer, not included in the ETIM standard.

Based on imported information from a file the application suggests appropriate classes and assignment of the relevant parameters. The application has built-in self-learning mechanisms (suggestions of appropriate parameters are based on previously mapped products).

The ETIM-Mapper software has an intuitive and clear interface. It is accessed by users via a web browser and it is not required to download, install or update any software on the user’s computer.

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